Brand Creation

Iconicle Design

Product Design, Prototyping, Photography, Web Design

Creating the Iconicle Design Brand and Product, the Iconicle Dock.

Developed with a user-centered design strategy. The apple watch can be docked and undocked in seconds, the alarm clock feature is legible from bed height and the watch charger can be easily added and removed with the twist lock feature

The dock has a pebble-like shape with sharp, automobile design inspired lines which lends it a premium feel.

Its small size is eye-catching yet fades into a room's decor without being obnoxious.


The dock uses an artful twist-lock feature to secure the apple watch charger
*Render created to show the apple watch charger integration

The website has a distinct block structure with clearly layed out media and text for easy-reading. 

It is designed as a pre-launch website, educating visitors on the upcoming product and giving them options to reserve it and view their social medias.


We went through 10 design iterations to develop dock so that it offered the right characteristics and be viable for the market.

We put many hours into designing the dock's unibody design. As this made assembly costs redundant, lowered QC issues and overall, it allowed us to design a very high quality, machined product at good value to the customer.