Product Development

Fold Board

Product Design, Prototyping, Photography

Making electric skateboards more approachable as a form of transport.


A simple solution to highlight a novel mechanism.

The Vision

To make personal light electric vehicles (PLEVs) more suitable for carrying around and multi transport commutes. While current electric scooters, skateboards and bikes have great mobility, they’re cumbersome to carry around and take up space when using public transport in rush-hour.

A foldable electric skateboard has the potential to fit inside a backback and take only a few seconds to fold and unfold. 


For the commuter 

Speed up your commute to the bus or train and keep it discreetly by your desk at work. 

The super weekender

An alternative to public transport when your going on a weekend trip. Kept discreetly in a backpack you can feel comfortable walking into shops, bars and restaurants.