Product Line Development

Animaro Design

Product Design, Prototyping

Developement of minimalist and efficient sliding rails and custom bearings to pair with their dynamic mechanism.

The challenge was creating a minimalist frame that would compliment the dynamic walnut structure designed by Animaro - Yet was incredibly smooth so a small motor could power it. 
(the dynamic walnut scultpure was designed by Matt Gilbert of Animaro Design)

Matt Gilbert, founder of Animaro Design - is an architect turned designer. 
We worked with him to create a frame which would visually fade into the wall and not be distract from the dynamic walnut sculpture.

Through 5 major design iterations we lowered the part count of the linear bearing from 6 to 1. Reducing the overall clock parts by 20 - a significant saving. 

The linear bearing is made from super low friction plastic - it mates to the walnut chassis via a single bolt and clips into the bent rod frame.

The Solstice clock using conventional linear rails and bearings.

The clock functioned well with this frame, however the linear bearings are quite complex and require lubrication every so often.

The Solstice clock is a unique, sculptural piece for the home. So we wanted a frame that was more elegant, minimal and required no maintenance.

The Solstice clock using the custom linear rails and bearings.

The rails share a similar skeletal aesthetic with the dynamic walnut mechanism - simultaniously benefiting it by comfortably fading into the background with their slim profiles.

The four bearings are non-obtrusive and esily carry the weight of the mechanism - their plastic construction lends them a more silent and dampened operation compared to standard steel linear bearings.